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The symbolism of our Sanctuary windows lays in the color and configuration of the glass:

  • Blue Windows:  A sign of water.  A reminder of baptism
  • White Windows: The color of the communion cloth – a sign of our communion table
  • Purple Window: A sign of wine.  An element of the eucharist, signifying Christ’s blood
  • Oatmeal Window: A sign of bread.  Another eucharistic element, signifying the body of Christ

We have, in the bread, wine and water, the sacramental elements of our church, and a sign (white) of the communion table.

Above these colors we have a cross in RED and GOLD.

Red on the horizontal arms, a sign of suffering – the blood of sacrifice.  Gold the vertical element in the cross, represents the preciousness and perfection of the gift of Christ to us.

Additionally, with the cross placed over the large white panel, it forms the shape of a boat on the waters (Blue).  The boat is the ancient Christian symbol of the church floating over the waters of creation.

If we concentrate on this configuration, the boat (white) seems to be embraced by the foam of the water, which is indicated by the swirling motion within the white panel.

With the cross of Christ’s sacrifice for us, the elements of the sacraments which sustain us, and the sign of the church to which we all belong, the windows remind us of our life as Christians, beginning in Christ, nurtured and fed in his church.